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Salsiando's Master Salsa Bootcamp
Special Bootcamp with International Dancers - 22-24 september
Salsiando will celebrate its grand opening with a weekend bootcamp where you can learn to dance salsa in the Casino style. Casino is a mix between mambo and cuban salsa.
Workshop content
During the 3 days workshop you will learn skills and techniques that you can apply during the different phases of a song. The bootcamp are intended for people of all levels, from beginner to advanced dancers.

Ladies: Modern dance, Salsa moves, Technique, Afro-cuban, Regaetton, Salsaton, Rumba

Men: Rumba, Guaguanco, Footwork, Movement coordination, Tricks, Coreography, Salsaton

Friday September 22
19:30-21:00 Solo workshops (15 min break)
Lady's styling (Lianette)
Men's styling (Juan Carlos)
21:00-22:00 Rueda de Casino (Juan Carlos)
22:30 Party with DJ On the Beat and DJ Leslie (Utrecht)

Saturday September23
19:30-21:00 Solo workshops (15 min break)
Ladiestyling (Lianette)
Menstyling (Juan Carlos)
21:00-22:00 Salsa figures (Rafael)
22:30 Party with DJ Eddy and DJ Ruben

Sunday September 24
15:00-16:30 Solo workshops (15 min break)
Ladiestyling (Lianette)
Menstyling (Juan Carlos)
16:30-17:30  Cuban knots with regaetton (Juan Carlos)
17:30 Party DJ Juan (Utrecht)

Workshop teachers
Lianette Granados
Lianette Granados graduated from the National School of Art in 2003. She was the first solo dancer of the Havana Night Company. He also took part in projects such as Rakatán and Sonlar. In 2007 he moved to Italy and started dancing with the notto dancer Roly Maden. Present at the largest congresses in Europe: EventoPeople, Salsitaly, Afro Latin Village, Rumba y Manana, Salsa Vitamina, Que Calor, Que Viva la Salsa, Timba Tumba, among others. At this moment, she continues her Project as a solo dancer creating a completely feminine dance group called WOMANITY Company, as well as continuing to collaborate with the biggest Latin dance schools in Rome. Lianette knows what, how and why should be danced in the afro-cuban tradition. And she likes to share this knowledge. This is something very distinguishing about her. When asked, she will give you a full and complete answer starting from the very beginnig. Her knowledge is a result of her studies at professional dance schools in Havana as well as her true passion for the cuban culture. Not only does she know and dances it, she also practices it, as she is a Santera. Her classes are winning true fans very quickly. Lianette has a great charisma and great metodology. She explaines the movements in detail and she can tell stories about its origin. She moves people in her classes. Well, she is a true creme-de-la-creme of the afro-cuban dance scene, and we love to bring you people who bring quality rather than fame!
Juan Carlos Gonzalez
The radiant enthusiasm and warm personality of professional dancer and teacher Juan Carlos Gonzalez Cintra create a special, personal and motivating atmosphere during the lessons. The combination of effort and humour make the lessons a source of energy and inspiration. From his tenth he dances popular, traditional and folkloric Afro-Cuban and religious dances. At the age of eighteen, he danced with the professional group Conjunto Folklorico Cotumba and the Ballet Folklorico de Oriente as a soloist with the famous Cabaret Tropicana. Six years later he reached the highest level of professional dance attainment in Cuba: Conjunto Folklorico Nacional in Havana. For four years he danced with this very renowned dance company consisting of ca. 95 people. With dancers, singers and percussionists he travelled to Europe and Moscow. His great talent and enthusiasm for dancing combined with passion and creativity make him unique in the dance world.
Rafael Sassy
Rafael Sassy Rodriguez has been dancing all his life and has graduated from the Nacional de Danza y Arte Conservatorio in Cuba in Havana. This is unique because there are very few salsa teachers with such a background in the Netherlands. Rafael wants to teach the students how to dance. And according to him, that is much more than learning steps and figures. A real dancer is creative and makes his own variations, has control over his body, plays with the music, has different rhythms and can apply them. But above all, salsa dancing is about fun. Rafael has succeeded in constructing a small piece of Cuba in Leiden. Everyone who has been in Cuba recognized in Salsiando the friendly informal atmosphere that is so typical of Cuba.
Party DJ's
DJ On the Beat (Leiden), DJ Leslie (Utrecht), DJ Eddie (Zoetermeer), DJ Ruben (Leiden), DJ Juan (Utrecht)

Workshop fees
Foundation Salsiando offers the bootcamp and the party to promote the Cuban music and culture. As a fundadation Salsiando offers the activities at a non-profit price.

For dancers that have taken lessons in Salsiando in the past and for students with a valid identification:
1 day workshop: €20,- (including party)
2 day workshop: €35,- (including party)
3 day workshop: €45,- (including party)

1 day workshop: €25,- (including party)
2 day workshop: €45,- (including party)
3 day workshop: €60,- (including party)

Only party: €7,50

Party etiquette:
We want to have an amazing night with everybody having fun and looking at its best. So dress to impress. Ladies skirt and heels. No sportwear, rips, caps.
Adres: Willem Barentszstraat 39, 2315TZ Leiden
Telefoon: (+31)623955259
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